President’s Message: Bob Israel Farewell

Kim Fuller

Yesterday on April 7, 2020 the HOA elected a new Board, and Bob Israel stepped down. I think his own words capture quite nicely his service. I will say Bob is one of those people that clearly was motivated by the best interest of the HOA, and although on many occasions we have gone head to head with our own opinions, Bob never acted in a political self-serving way, something that deserves everyone’s respect. Thank you, Bob, but we will still need and use your advice as we finish a few very important issues for which you are clearly experienced. Here is Bob’s message to a very grateful HOA:


Farewell, But Not Goodbye

In normal times, in what now seems like a galaxy long, long, ago, and far, far,

away, when a Board Member completed a two year term of office and was not

seeking re-election, at the last Open Board Meeting the retiring member would be given a few minutes to say a few words to the homeowners in attendance and those who would view the meeting on video on the official website.

 However, these are not normal times and the March Open Meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19. I have therefore asked that my intended remarks on completion of my two year term as a Director be posted on the official site for all, who may have an interest, to read.

So, for a few minutes, let’s pretend that these are again normal times and I believe that to be a useful exercise as we will, get through this.

Many of you have asked me why I chose not to run for re-election as a Board Member of Sun City Shadow Hills. The answer is simple: on April 7 of this year I will have completed a little in excess of 22 years and 4 months of continuous HOA Board service in one capacity or another between my HOA in Washington and here in California.  And though, in my still youthful 75th year for another two months, I need, and feel, I deserve a break.

 When, as a Snowbird I decided to run, or more properly, when I was encouraged by many homeowners to run and serve, I did so not out of any particular personal desire or need but out of a concern about and some dissatisfaction with the way some things had been done and out of a concern for my investment.  I knew then, and I confirm now, that it is always easier to criticize from the outside, and the view from the inside, is always clearer, not easier, but clearer and harder. So I ran with the thought that my background and experience might be of some assistance.

I am happy to report that, by in large, my concerns are no longer manifest and I am convinced that our Community is on a solid financial footing and well run, more transparent, and a kinder more gentle place which us seniors deserve and are most certainly entitled to. The state of our Community is strong. All is not perfect, but nothing ever is. To the extent my efforts have contributed to where we are today, I honestly take some satisfaction. I am also convinced that our Community is blessed with many outstanding, capable and experienced homeowners, who have and I hope, will continue to step forward for a couple or a few years of service and bring to bear their diverse views, experience, and talents which should benefit us all.

Regarding Board Service, most people would expect me to say that it has been a pleasure serving you, but honestly, I must say that despite there being some pleasure, mostly it has been Work….but it has been work worth doing and work which must be done to allow our community to function. And it is work that pursuant to our governing documents must be done by unpaid Volunteer homeowners, elected by you, who in turn, select other unpaid Volunteer homeowners who staff the many, but necessary,…No, not just necessary, but essential Advisory Committees. Without the efforts of your elected Board Members and the efforts of the many Advisory Committee Members, successfully running this city would be a far more expensive proposition than it is and our HOA monthly assessment would be much, much higher.

To my fellow Board Members, who have additional time to serve on their terms and two of which have decided to run again, and they are to be commended for this, I will just say it has been a trip, and a working pleasure….Most of the time. We have disagreed from time to time, but most often fairly listened to each other in coming to necessary decisions. I leave you with the following thoughts which guided me and to which I know you subscribe:  In your continuing time of community service, continue to listen not only to each other, but strive to remember that each homeowner pays the same HOA assessment and has a similar though not precisely equal investment in this community and is entitled to be listened to as well and respected even though their views and ideas may be different. And, perhaps most important, try to never lose sight of the fact that being a Board Member is not so much about Power as it is about Service and that no matter how “off the wall” some homeowners’ views an opinions might first appear, they might very well turn out to be right. So, keep up the good work OR…..I just might be back!  Seriously, though, I must say that all members of the Board I have been privileged to work with have been extremely hardworking, and dedicated to the HOA, and I have no doubt that will continue.

To Mr. Johnny Goodrum, I commend you for stepping forward to serve and wish you well. You certainly are arriving during interesting times.

To the rest of my fellow homeowners, in this exceptional community, I will leave you with this thought:  Life is a “limited time offer”. With that in mind, be kind to yourselves, be close to your loved ones, be fair, decent and hospitable to your neighbors and fellow homeowners including those who devote their time and energies in service to this community. Striving for understanding and willingness to compromise is a far better and more productive investment of the precious resource of our time, than criticism and rancor. As we, each of us, expend that resource it is not my original idea, but nevertheless a good one….” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

With those comments, which I thank you for taking the time to read and consider, I end by saying that I am leaving the Board but not the community and in the words of the old Science Fiction TV show: “I now return you to your regular programming.”

Of course, right now, nothing is regular, and it seems we are indeed living an episode of “The Outer Limits”.

Be safe and stay well.

Bob Israel
Retiring Director
April 7, 2020


Thank you all and see you soon.

Kim Fuller