President’s Message: Bulk Cable Update

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents,

I have had some questions in the last two days about the Bulk Cable contract process that I thought needed explanation for everyone. It is true that at this point the Board has no new information to give you regarding the Bulk Cable contract agreement with either Spectrum or Frontier. We have listed our concerns which has been given to both companies.

The Board gave priority to negotiating with Spectrum first because Spectrum was selected by 77% to 23% over Frontier. It was also clear in the survey that 85% of residents want to do something. Once we contacted Spectrum and discussed the contract, it appeared to the Board this process could take some time given Spectrum’s comments in the meetings. It was Spectrum that felt this could take some time.

Given that the process was going to take some time the Board felt it prudent to also begin negotiating contract terms with Frontier, although this process did not begin for about 2 weeks after the negotiations began with Spectrum. The Board has concerns about the contract terms from both companies, so negotiations began with Frontier to minimize time in case a contract with Spectrum was not possible.

At this point we are negotiating with both companies because both companies have contract terms the Board feels need to be changed if we are to proceed. Most of the concerns for the Spectrum contract are the same concerns we have for the Frontier contract. I can’t tell you how this will end up, but the Board is quite aware of the preference of Spectrum over Frontier but is leaving all options open in the best interest of the HOA.

It could be possible that if we don’t reach an agreement with Spectrum, but we do reach an agreement with Frontier, a ballot vote will go out for Frontier. At that point if residents don’t want to proceed with Frontier, they will be able to vote ‘no’ on the ballot for Frontier. This way if residents want Spectrum, and only Spectrum, and nothing else it will become clear.

Hopefully this clarifies how we are proceeding and that both companies have contract issues, so we are trying to work with both companies as quickly as possible to reach a positive conclusion.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller