President’s Message: Coronavirus Update, More Information (March 17)

Kim Fuller

Good day residents:

I wish to give you more details about the operations going forward as a result of the order from the County. Riverside County has issued an order cancelling all gatherings with 10 or more people, including staff. I have attached the order for everyone to review.

I have also just done a podcast which answers questions about the operations so please click on this link to get more details because I might have missed something in writing this message. If you have additional questions, please let me know because we are planning do more podcasts to help explain how we are proceeding, so I will use the podcast to answer all of your questions.

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast

Given the directive from the county, the Board has cancelled all events, meetings, and programs for all Clubs and Groups until further notice.

All Committee meetings are asked to postpone unless necessary and then limit the meeting to under 10 people and you must stay at least 6 feet apart. There is Skype capability and conference calling so please use whatever is necessary to make sure you keep distance from each other during such meetings.

Keeping in mind that all gatherings need to be less than 10 people, and everyone must be 6 feet apart, the Board has taken the following actions in addition to the other actions already announced:

The Billiards room is closed until further notice.

The gyms have been closed in both Clubhouses until further notice.

All pools and spas are closed until further notice.

The Montecito Café is closed for the season.

Shadows Restaurant is closed for sit down dinning but is open for takeout food from 8am to 6pm.

Movie nights are suspended until further notice.

The Shred It event on 4/20 has been postponed to a future date, TBD.

Padres Baseball Bus Trip has been cancelled.

The Bistro at the Santa Rosa is open.

The Snack Bar at the South Course is open.

Both Golf Courses are open, but all shotgun starts have been suspended. You may walk the South course at this time but please be aware to keep up with the pace of play. The Pro Shop is open but no more than 9 people in the room including staff and each person must be at least 6’ apart.

Tennis, Pickleball, and Bocce courts are open, but all events and programs have been cancelled until further notice. All courts may be reserved by any resident on a first come first serve basis. Until further notice, neither Tennis nor Pickleball Clubs have priority to any of the courts. We need to limit any gathering of people around the courts as a result of an event or program. That is why we have suspended all events and programs.

The open Board meeting on 3/30 has been cancelled.

The Annual meeting will take place on 4/7, but only for the purpose of counting ballots. Please don’t come to this meeting and if more than 10 people attend, we will have to ask some of them to leave the room. The polls will open at 9am and will close at 10am. We will then count the ballots and announce the outcome at about 2pm. This meeting will be recorded so you can watch it on video rather than attending. If you mail in your ballot, please do so by 4/3 to be sure we get the ballot in time. There are ballot boxes in each Clubhouse so you may drop off your ballot there if you like.

Please listen to the Podcast for more details and let me know about any questions. We will then compile the questions and do another Podcast to answer those questions.

I want to thank so many people for your kind words of support, they are appreciated by all of us more than you know. I want to thank the staff and Board for meeting at a moment’s notice to resolve questions as they arise.

I wish you all safe and healthy times ahead, and with everyone’s help we will get through this. Even now it is the best place to live and I am still glad to live in Paradise. Nowhere else would I rather be than here if I must live with certain limitations. We still have it better than anyone else, and for that I am still grateful. Let’s all keep our eye on the ball and remember there are so many others that don’t have anything close to what we have here. It is truly a blessing and very soon the restrictions will all be over, and we will return to the wonderful life of Shadow Hills.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller