President’s Message: Current Guidelines 6-22-20

Kim Fuller

Here is an overview of current activities and guidelines.

The State Order is still in effect about ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘No gatherings.’ Residents are responsible to follow the State Order. The HOA will not be looking for violations of the State Order on private property. We will investigate any complaints of noise or conduct on private property. The HOA will be looking for and enforce no visitors and no gatherings on Common Property, such as streets, parking lots, etc.

If a resident is walking with a child, they can be cited for violating State Order because a young person is not supposed to be visiting and they are on common property. If walking, biking, etc. on common property with guests including on streets, you may be cited. We are not looking for such violations on private property, for example in your home or in your backyard.

  • Masks are required everywhere Indoors. Masks are not required outdoors as long as you can maintain social distancing of at least 6’ apart. If you can’t maintain social distancing of at least 6’ apart a mask is required.
  • Social distancing of at least 6’ is required both indoors and outdoors at all times.
  • Montecito Outdoor Pool is closing June 24-July 1 for deck repair work.
  • Residents have requested that everyone who walks on side streets please walk on the side of the street facing traffic.
  • Board met to determine opening guidelines of Club Facilities going forward:
    • Golf
      • Montecito Putting Course remains closed.
      • North and South Course Putting Greens will be open for practice beginning June 18 at 10 AM. Putting Greens are open from 10 AM till dusk.
      • Driving Range will be open for practice beginning June 18 at 10 AM. Driving range is open from 10 AM to 1 PM. You still need to pay $10 to practice on the driving range.
      • Driving Range tee at the South side of the driving range is closed – You may not take balls to the South side of the driving range.
        Montecito Practice chipping area is open anytime, but you must use your own balls. You may not take range balls to this practice area. Social distancing is required at all times.
      • No split tees for golf.
      • No water-bring your own.
    • Pools:
      • Montecito Indoor Pool will now have 5 lanes instead of 4. Walkers should use lanes 1 and 2.
      • Beginning 6/24 new pool hours will be: 6 AM-6 PM. This keeps consistency with gym hours, accommodates staffing, and allows for maintaining cleaning supplies.
      • Santa Rosa Pool – no change. 1 person at a time, or multiple people from the same household. If you are not a high-risk person, please use Montecito Pool so high-risk people can swim without risk.
      • Montecito Pool – After deck repair, 4 people will be allowed in the pool at one time. Social distancing (6 ft apart) is required. This is 4 people, not 4 households. If you want to swim with someone else in your household, you must make separate reservations for the same time.
      • No gatherings around the pool. You must leave complex after swimming. No chairs, no sunbathing.
      • Since there will be 4 people permitted in the Montecito Outdoor Pool, reservation time periods for this pool will be for 1 hour instead of the ½ hour used previously. There will be a 15-minute break between reservations for staff cleaning.
    • Dog Parks
      • The Dog parks will open on June 23, 2020. Reservations will be taken beginning June 22, 2020.
      • Reservations can be made up to one-week in advance.
      • One reservation per day per person.
      • Reservations can be made by calling the Lifestyle Department at 760-345-4349 ext. 2120, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. You may only make reservations by phone.
      • Dog Parks Hours of Operations:
        • November 1st – March 15th: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
        • March 16th – October 31st: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
      • Maximum of four (4) people in each dog park section, total of eight (8) persons at a time per dog park.
      • One person equals one reservation.
      • 25-minutes reservations only.
      • Social distancing is required at all times.
      • Per CA State Code, people in California must wear a face covering when outdoors and cannot maintain a 6’ foot social distance.
      • All chairs in dog parks will be removed.
      • Water Fountains are unavailable.
      • If during the day the dog park is empty you can use it without reservation. However, if 4 people do come in and have reservations you must leave.
      • We recommend wearing masks in dog parks.
    • Gyms
      • Gyms will open on 6/29.
      • Montecito Fitness Center is limited to 18 people.
      • Santa Rosa Fitness Center is limited to 12 people.
      • Reservations for 60 minutes maximum.
      • Make reservations up to one week in advance.
      • We are not taking reservations until 6/26 because the system will not be set up until then.
      • Only one reservation per day per person.
      • Masks required at all times.
      • No fitness classes for now.
      • Hours: 6 AM – 6 PM.
      • 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment.
      • Lounge chairs will be removed because no gathering rules are in place.
      • All small equipment will be removed.
      • Only small equipment left: dumbbells and small dumbbells.
      • Please exercise and leave so next group can come in.
    • Online Reservation System
      • An online reservation system is being created and ultimately will be used for all Lifestyle events as well as dog park, gym, pools, etc.
      • The on-line reservation system and the phone-in reservation system will have the same start time to make reservations.
      • We will send out instructions on how to create an account for the reservation system and how to use it.
      • Once your account is active you can make:
      • Reservations one week in advance.
      • 1 reservation per day per person.
      • You must have a separate account for each person who wants to make reservations.
      • Need to cancel 24 hours in advance so that others can use the time.
      • Failure to cancel could result in removal of online rights.
      • You will still be able to call in to make reservations, but it will not be as efficient.
      • Please be aware that Dog Park Reservations will be call-in only for now.
      • Eventually the on-line system will allow for payment of Lifestyle activities on-line.
    • Shadows
      • Shadows will remain status quo with takeout and delivery service only. No sit-down dining.
    • Clubhouses
      • Clubhouses are still Closed – No Activities in the Clubhouses – No events until further notice. We do not know when the Clubhouses, indoor activities, or events will open.


Masks are required indoors at all times. Not required outdoors.

At least 6’ social distancing is required at all times, indoors or outdoors.

If you are high-risk please be aware and stay home.

If you are high risk and want to swim use the Santa Rosa Pool. If you are not high risk and want to swim outside, please use the Montecito Pool to allow the high-risk people to swim.

Stay safe and use caution.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller