President’s Message: Masks, Gatherings, and the County Order 4/4/20

Kim Fuller

Good Afternoon Residents:

I need to let everyone know about the latest county order regarding the Covid-19 crisis. Effective immediately all public or private "gatherings,” within the jurisdiction of the Public Health Officer of the County of Riverside are prohibited, regardless of venue or size.

The county has further stated all persons, including Essential Workers shall wear face coverings, such as scarves (dense fabric, without holes), bandanas, neck gaiter, or other fabric face coverings.

Violations of this order is subject to a $1,000 fine per day.

This makes clear there can be no meetings, for whatever reason, at any home. In order to stop the spread of this virus, we are required to stay at home in isolation to prevent further spreading of the virus.

Now that everyone outside must wear masks, the Needles and Pins Club has volunteered to start making masks for the residents of SCSH. These masks will be for residents only, and not for family or friends. There will be no charge for these masks because the Board has agreed to pay for all costs. I first want to thank the Needles and Pins Club for coming forward with such a great plan to help all of us through this time.

We are hopeful to start handing out masks on Thursday of this week. You will need to call the Lifestyle desk at 760-345-4349, Ext. 2120 to make an appointment to pick up a mask. We will start making appointments by phone on Wednesday.

You will need to be wearing some kind of mask when you come to the Clubhouse or else you will not be permitted into the building. Masks will be available by appointment only at the Montecito clubhouse after you call in for the appointment. Residents picking up masks are requested to wear some type of protective gloves to minimize the transfer or receipt of contaminants.

After picking up your mask you will need to wash the mask, so it is sterilized. Do not use the mask before you wash it. Wash your hands after returning home.

Needles and Pins is also looking for more volunteers to help make the masks. They have the material and patterns to make the masks. Residents who would like to help create the masks are urged to contact Needles & Pins Vice-President, Cheryl Taylor, the Project Coordinator, to see how you can help. She can be reached at or text her at 410-507-5591. No phone calls please.

We all need to help stop this virus, so masks will now be required everywhere in the complex when you are outside walking, jogging, bicycling, dog walking, etc. Masks are not required to be worn in your own home. But you are no longer allowed to have any guests unless by exception according to the county order. A medical caregiver is an exception to the county order.

I have attached a copy of the county order.

I will be giving a Podcast at 3pm and will send that out soon after to helpfully explain in more detail how we are proceeding.

Have a great day.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller