President’s Message: North Channel Ponds

I am writing to explain the low level of the ponds in the North Channel and why there is more green algae bloom than normal.

The threads on a pipe connected to the pump that transfers water from lakes on holes #16 to #17 broke and a repair needed to be completed.  The water level on lake #16 needed to be lowered in order to complete the repair.  Therefore, the water flow from the well at the northern most marsh in the North Channel needed to be stopped as this water flows downhill through the back 9 of the golf course to the lake on #16.

The repair was completed today and the well will run tonight raising the water level.  There will be at least 45,000 gallons of fresh water flowing from the well and that will clear up most of the algae bloom.  Additionally, staff is adding a product to the water (safe to water fowl and fish) to clear up the water.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller