Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast 11/16/20

Kim Fuller

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.


  1. Phase 2 was released last Friday to call in for appointments. This was done early because not enough people were calling in for whatever reason from Phase 3. Some of the street names were left off the list today for Phase 2, so when people called in they were turned down. That problem has been fixed so Phase 2 residents may call in tomorrow.
  2. Phase 3 can still call in whenever they want. Once you are scheduled you may call any time after that time to make an appointment.
  3. If you have the internet installed, and then decide later to have TV installed there will be a charge to have TV installed at a later date, so please keep that in mind. I am told the charge to come back at a later date to add TV services will be $85. Prices are not guaranteed.
  4. The local package for about $25 per month is available. I heard a couple of residents were told it was not available from the Fronter call center. Have them check because it is available.
  5. When you have the internet installed, if you want to keep your same wireless password tell the technician to program in your old username and password. That way you will not have to re-configure your wireless devices. You will need your wireless name and password to make this happen.
  6. So far most people have told me they are saving between $40-$60 per month for the same services. I have had two people tell me they were not saving money, so I asked for the two billings to check if something was wrong. One person sent me the two bills and it was true his new price was $30 higher than his old price for the same services with Frontier. I went through the bill and it turns out he was getting a special promotional price of $80 less which is going to end in March. This means his bill was going to go up on March 1 by $80 per month. Once this increase takes place this person will be saving $50 per month.
  7. This brings up another point, if you are currently getting a special price on services from any company, you need to check pricing and compare. If a different plan is better stay with it. The HOA has made clear you do not have to install the Frontier plan at this time. If you are getting a special price, like this resident for $80 less, then don’t install the HOA internet. You will still be saving $68 per month and then when the special pricing ends you can install the HOA internet and get the best of both worlds.
  8. You do not have to sign up for the internet now. You can sign up anytime in the future and there is still no charge for the first install appointment, even if done years later. There is only a charge if you call back after the initial install to request additional services.
  9. Phase 2 was released early because not as many people are calling in for appointments as projected, so Frontier needs more people calling for appointments, so the installers are kept busy the entire time. Hopefully wait time will not be too long. Could be with less people here because of the virus there are less people able to call in at the moment.
  10. Frontier has full time workers and supervision on site 6 days a week. If your installation has a problem after the technician leaves your home, call the HOA office and we will give you the phone number of the on site manager to contact you.

Shadows: Special Thanksgiving Day Dinner for takeout. Need to order by Saturday 11/21 at 5 pm.

Putting Course: Planned to open on 12/1. We will have the guidelines out to you by next week. Clubs will not be able to have events because of gathering issues. It will be open for individual play only using the guidelines of masks and social distancing.

The State Order is still in effect about ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘no gatherings’. This State Order has been in effect since last March. Residents are responsible to follow the State Order. The HOA will be looking for and enforce no visitors and no gatherings on Common Property, such as streets, parking lots, Tennis courts, Pickleball courts, etc.

If a resident is walking with a guest, they can be cited for violating State Order because a guest is not supposed to be on common property. If walking, biking, etc. on Common property including streets, the people will be cited.

The HOA will not be looking for violations of the State Order on private property. We will investigate any complaints of noise or conduct on private property. We are not looking for such violations on private property, for example in your home or in your backyard. But if there is a complaint we will investigate.

Exception: The State Order allows for only 3 households to gather and it must be outside. No gatherings inside a home at any time. But there are still no guests allowed on Common property.

COVID-19 Cases are climbing everywhere in the country. Please be careful. Guidelines seem to say wear masks, stay away from each other, no gatherings. Suggestion is to postpone thanksgiving and holiday celebrations until next year. I know everyone wants to have their family over for thanksgiving, but if something goes wrong and your family member dies, is it worth it. Please ask yourself that question. If you are going to have a gathering limit it to the State Order of only 3 households and only outdoors.

Toys for Tots Program: The Veterans Club has been supporting the Marines "Toys for Tots" program for over 13 years. Sun City Shadow Hills and Shadow Hills HS been partners in this. The ROTC Cadets from the HS are very active with this. The Cadets cannot be as active this year because of the virus. The program is over December 4th. Please bring an unwrapped toy to any Clubhouse and drop it in one of the boxes for the program.

Thank you and take care.

Kim Fuller