Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #255

Kim Fuller


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Below is a synopsis of this episode.


Good morning residents,

Here are the highlights of yesterday’s podcast regarding Streaming, Frontier, Scams, and updates on the COVID crises.

Scammers: We have gotten reports of different scams that constantly take place in an effort to take advantage of people to steal their money. Scammers will use my name to ask for help, so just delete any such request. You can tell its phony by the email addresses; they are not mine. You can also send me a message directly and ask about any request for help. Any other emails that request money or information, don’t give out any information without verifying the authenticity of the request, even if it means calling the police.

There are also the people that will call you and claim you have bought something, or you need to renew something, or they need to update information. Don’t act on anything without verification. Do not give them any personal information without verification. The IRS, Social Security, etc. don’t call you directly so disregard all these requests for information.

Streaming: We all got a refreshing break from Kim’s Radio show to listen to Suzy Kerekes about streaming. She was terrific, so maybe we get her back to answer questions. A big thank you to Suzy and all the people that helped to put the streaming video together so we can all learn how it is done. Great video to start learning about streaming, I enjoyed it very much, most informative. If you have additional questions send them to us and we can put together a list of FAQs to post on the website. One of the big reasons the Board went with an internet-only plan was because of the fast-changing world of TV and by having an internet-only plan we all get more choices.

Frontier: Is still moving along with the installations. If you have any problems after the install call the HOA office and we can give you the contact information for the onsite supervisor, who is here 6 days a week. Couple of questions to answer.

  1. The speed of 500/500 is only guaranteed if you have a direct cable connected computer. The Speed will vary with a wireless device because of many variables, so wireless speeds are not guaranteed. Variables can include such things as placement of the router-is it in a wall or plain view, what type of wireless computer, laptop, or phone device, how old a device, can the device read the newer faster signals or will it only recognize the older wireless signals, etc. Some devices might have speeds of 100/100 and that could be normal for that particulate device. Be sure to ask Frontier during the install if the router is older than 5 years to replace it.
  2. Your Wireless router will have a username and password so that your devices can connect to it and will not let other unauthorized people connect to your router. This helps to keep your information secure. When Frontier installs the new router ask them to program the new router with your old existing username and password. If you do this, you will not have to reprogram every device. If the new router is programmed with your existing information all your devices will automatically connect to the new router without you having to reprogram them. It will mean you need to know your existing username and password so be sure to look that up and have it ready for the technician when they arrive to install.
  3. If you get an installation charge on your first bill of $85 call Frontier and they will reverse the fee. There is no charge for the first install appointment but sometimes processing will bill the service call fee by mistake.

COVID: We were informed of two more cases of residents at SCSH that contracted the COVID virus. This brings our total number of cases reported to at least 9 cases and 1 death from the COVID virus. As I stated before one other person died months ago and although that person had the virus that person was being treated for a terminal illness for more than a year.

As of yesterday, Sun City Palm Desert (SCPD) now has had 112 cases and 7 deaths. SCPD has been increasing in cases by 5 to 7 per day. It begs the question if we are getting accurate reports of COVID from the residents here at SCSH. It is true we can’t report that which we don’t know. We encourage anyone that has tested positive for the virus to let us know. The HOA can help with tracing your contacts for the past two weeks. We can help with sending out a notice to people that might have been in contact with you in the past two weeks.

We have heard from one resident that there are 5 more cases of COVID, but the people will not report it to the HOA. The HOA keeps all the information confidential and is only using the information to contact other residents and to report of cases in our community. We don’t even list if the people with COVID are Male or Female. Our goal is simply to try and help keep the community safe, not to report publicly who has COVID. It also helps residents to have the truth about the number of cases because some might be acting on false assumptions that all is perfectly safe when it might not be.

Currently there are over 3,000 people dying from the COVID virus every day in the US. According to government stats over 70% of the cases are from the gatherings of family and friends during the holiday season. The State has now removed any type of gatherings so that no gatherings of any size are allowed except for people living in the same household. The previous gathering Order which allowed for 3 households to meet outdoors is no longer in effect. No gatherings of any kind indoors or outdoors are allowed except for people that live in the same household.

It is clear the cases are now growing extremely fast and we hope all residents will carefully consider any type of gathering which can endanger your lives. Gatherings are the super spreader of the virus at the moment, and until the vaccine is available for all residents, it is a most dangerous time to meet with anyone. For your own health and safety and for the safety of the people you care about, do the right thing, cancel any gatherings as the State has mandated. The holiday season can wait for another day, we don’t want this holiday season to be your last.

If you attend a gathering it is recommended you isolate for 3-5 days and then get a COVID test to be sure you are clear before having contact with any other people.

When 70% of all cases come from family and friends gathering, the right thing to do is cancel all gatherings until we are done with this crisis. It will be over soon, but we have a few months to go. Please stay the course. It is true we are going to have a difficult 6-8 weeks ahead. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it is getting brighter every day. The vaccine is on the way.

The Board thanks every one of you for your current efforts and hopes everyone will stay healthy.

Take care and be safe.

Kim Fuller