Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #289

John MacDonnell

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

1. Holes on the side of your backyard walls: the holes are there to allow water to run out during heavy rain falls. The drains in your yards can handle normal rain but heavier rain levels need a way to leave your yard to avoid flooding. Some residents plug those holes to keep rabbits and other small creatures out, but the holes should be unblocked when heavier rain is predicted.

2. Committee members still needed: There are various positions available. Interest forms can be downloaded from the HOA website or are also available at the HOA office. Just complete the interest form and submit it to Vanessa Ayon, our Assistant General Manager. She will refer the forms to the right committees, depending on your interests. This is a great way to get more involved in your community. Also, don't forget our clubs. We have over 60 of them now and they will be resuming in the coming weeks.

3. Special Guest, Mary Lou Phillips, Tutta Bella Vino Club: The club has returned after working out a deal with the Shadows Restaurant and we are happy to have them back and filling the ballroom. Now over to Mary Lou.

Thank you, John, for encouraging the clubs to use these podcasts to let others know about our clubs. We meet every third Saturday and taste six or seven wines -- two whites and four reds, plus some bubbly to start the evening as you come into the ballroom. The wines are available for purchase by the case at the end of the evening and can be picked up at the Shadows the following Thursday afternoon. We are an educational and wine tasting club with wines available at restaurant pricing. We have three wine distributors and depending on which one is being featured, the distributor will be present to give about a 5-minute overview of each wine we taste. Our monthly event is $25 per person which covers the wines featured plus a small plate of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and chocolates provided by the Shadows Restaurant.

We usually meet the third Saturday of the month from September to June. Our annual membership is $15 per person. A one-time attendance is allowed without paying the membership fee (returning members are required to pay their membership when they sign up for their first event). Membership forms are available on the Shadow Hills website. Our next event will be on Saturday, September 18th, at 6:30 pm and will feature Dry Creek Wines from Northern California. We normally start our events at 7:00 pm but since we haven't met for over a year and a half, we thought it would be fun to have a 30-minute social time to allow everyone to get reacquainted. Registration forms for our September event will be available on our website on Friday, July 30th, and hard copies will be available that morning at the Montecito Clubhouse across from the Lifestyles desk. Checks for the event, along with the registration form, as well as returning members' annual membership fees, can be dropped off at the Tutta Bella mailbox outside the Montecito Clubhouse billiards room. You may reserve a table for up to 10 people and all names and checks must be submitted along with your registration forms. If you have fewer than ten people, we will assign you to a table with others. It's a great way to meet people. We will receive registration forms until September 11th or until we are sold out. If you have any questions you may email us at We're looking forward to seeing all of our returning members, as well as lots of new members.

New residents are especially encouraged to get involved with our clubs. Information on all our clubs and how to join is available online but also at the HOA office or at the Lifestyle Desk at the Montecito Clubhouse.