Presidents Message: Overview of Podcasts #248 & #249

Kim Fuller

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Below are a synopsis of these episodes.


Podcast #248 – 11/23/2020

Frontier Internet

Be sure to check your existing pricing on TV content before you convert to the HOA Frontier plan. Some of you will have special promotional combined pricing on your Internet, TV, and phone service which could mean your overall price is less than converting to Frontier at this time. Be sure to compare all these prices before making a decision. It could be you are better off waiting until the promotional pricing is over and then make the conversion to the HOA plan. There will be no install charge for your first install appointment even if it is years later. If you can negotiate a better price on your own for services be sure to evaluate that before converting to the HOA plan. If you install Frontier internet now and install Frontier TV later, there will be an installation charge of $85.00, so consider that before making your final decision on when and what to have installed.


We have been receiving complaints of people gathering before and after golf, tennis, and pickleball. Please remember there are to be no gatherings before or after play. Once you are done playing please leave the area to help protect everyone.

Please follow all safety guidelines: Must carry a mask at all times, wear masks outdoors if you can’t maintain 6’ social distancing, wear masks at all times indoors except for members of the same household.

COVID Statistics: As of Friday, 11/20/20, in the US, there have been over 250,000 Deaths and 195,000 new cases, 83,000 hospitalized, 16,000 in ICU nationwide, 5,000 on ventilators nationwide. 50% of all infections are caused by asymptomatic people-people spreading the virus showing no signs of illness at all.

COVID State and County Law

The State Order is still in effect about ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘no gatherings’. This State Order has been in effect since last March. Residents are responsible to follow the State Order. The HOA will be looking for and enforcing no visitors and no gatherings on Common Property, such as streets, parking lots, Tennis courts, Pickleball courts, etc.

The HOA will not be looking for violations of the State Order on private property. We will investigate any complaints of noise or conduct on private property. We are not looking for such violations on private property, for example in your home or in your backyard. But if there is a complaint we will investigate.

The State Order allows for only 3 households to gather and it must be outside. No gatherings inside a home. But there are still no guests allowed on Common property. Please: Be diligent and responsible, with everyone’s cooperation it will help our community to remain safe.

Podcast #249 – 11/25/2020

North Channel Lake: The Water Company is estimated to start construction on rebuilding the North Channel next June. The first lake will be demolished, and a new lake built to accommodate the drainage plans for increased water flow. This had been in the plans since the beginning of the development. The part on the HOA property will take estimated about 6-9 months to complete. Although the work on the HOA property will be done within one year of the start of construction the entire new drainage system will not be complete for about 4-5 years because of all the other work that needs to be done on other properties.

The HOA has funds saved for the removal of sediment and reeds from the Lakes. We don’t want to start any work until after the Water Company completes their work to the first lake because water travels from the first lake to the second lake and so forth through the golf course. If we remove sediment and reeds from other lakes without removing the sediment and reeds from the first lake, the reeds will simply travel back into the other lakes and we would have to do the work all over again. For this reason, we don’t want to spend thousands of dollars removing sediment and reeds at this time knowing we would have to do it again after the first lake was rebuilt. We also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars removing sediment and reeds from the first lake when it is likely the Water company will be doing that work in about 6-7 months anyway.

Trash Pickup: Many residents in phase 3 have experienced late trash pickup on Tuesdays. If your trash pickup has not occurred by 7 pm, you may leave your containers out all night and put them away the next morning. Containers need to be put away by 9 am on Wednesday. If the trash has not been picked up by 9 am on Wednesday, you may leave your containers out on Wednesday until the trash is finally picked up.

Frontier: Be sure to check your first bill from Frontier to be sure that there is not a service call fee of $85. A couple of residents have said this fee was on their bill by mistake. If you have this fee on your bill call Frontier and it will be removed.

Coronavirus Update: Some residents are thinking we are supposed to follow the CDC recommendations, and this is not correct. We are required to follow the State and County Orders, the CDC guidelines are only recommendations and have no jurisdiction or authority over what we are required to implement.

Currently you may have 3 households visit outdoors in your backyard. There are to be no gatherings indoors and no guests in your home overnight according to the State Order. The HOA is not allowing for guests on Common Property except for golf. Small gatherings indoors have been shown to be super spreaders of the virus. In more than 50% of cases, the virus is being spread by people showing no symptoms at all. If you happen to attend a gathering indoors, it is recommended you self-quarantine and get a COVID test in 3-5 days to be sure you are COVID free.

Incident on 11th Tee Box of South Golf Course: I explained in the last podcast about an incident that occurred on the 11th tee box of the South Course. I explained it was reported there were 12 people on the golf course, all without masks, all within 6’ of each other, and then all proceeded into a home together. The Resident will receive multiple citations given multiple violations have occurred.

On Tuesday, 11/24 at 4 pm, Tammy Pena posted a message on Next Door which I stated was made up, fabricated, and a lie. The posted message stated the following:

Tammy Pena • Tuesday, November 24 * 4 pm
PODCAST Episode 248. This message is a comment in regard to the residents mentioned in this podcast (12 visitors on 11th tee box). ALL of them were from ONE family. They were there for their annual holiday photo shoot, therefore the reason they did not have a mask on.

Most of the 12 have already had Covid-19 many months ago and have fully recovered including the parents of the 2 young grandkids (the grandkids never got Covid-19 even though their parents did). They did violate the common ground rule, however, I feel that President Fuller was very degrading, belligerent, condescending and disrespectful in his treatment of these people as he YELLED at them out-of-control to disburse immediately!

And requested security to go “INSIDE” the home and take a head count; WOW, REALLY!!!!!

I feel that a person in his position should be able to diffuse a situation with control and respect of all persons. Moving forward, if President Fuller cannot act in a respectful manner, maybe he should voluntarily step out of this position, since it’s obvious from his behavior, that the pressure of this position may be beyond his scope of tolerance at this time.

Even with fear and anger, a person in a high position and authority should be able to treat people with respect regardless. Because of this encounter, these residents are MOVING out of this community and their “by word of mouth” will NOT be good about SCSH... very sad.

And as a result, I know at least one other family that will leave. Maybe that’s what President Fullers intentions are. I certainly hope they are not. However, he’s gaining quite a reputation within this community, and is considered a tyrant and laughing-stock by our sister community off Washington Street.

As I explained in the Podcast, I was never on the golf course, I did not make any comments to the people on the golf course and the photographic evidence shows that I was never on the golf course at any time, so it wasn’t possible that I yelled at anyone, nor did I act in an inappropriate way. As to other comments, body cams on the security staff will show that no one was asked to enter the home and make a count of the people. Fortunately, pictures and video show that Tammy Pena’s story is totally fabricated.

I understand people will disagree with the current State Order, and I also understand that people will disagree with Board decisions, that is expected. What I think is inappropriate, disrespectful, unproductive, and politically self-serving is to attack people’s character because you disagree. The Board is made up of residents just trying to help, volunteers doing the best they can, and if some residents are going to attack the character of Board members because they are not getting their own way, why would anyone want to step forward to volunteer and help? In this case it was fortunate pictures and video shows the truth.

In the future my suggestion is if a person has acted inappropriately you file a formal complaint, and it will be investigated. But such public character attacks are not helpful and only create unfounded divisiveness, something the HOA does not need at any time.

Please take care and be safe. If you have any questions let me know.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller