President’s Message: Results of Survey to Over-seed the Golf Course

Kim Fuller

Hello Residents,

The Board is in the budget process and there have been requests that we over-seed the rough areas (outside edges) of the golf course so that the entire golf course would be green all winter long. Currently we only over-seed the fairways of the golf course and not the edges. This means the outer edges of the golf course will be brown all winter while the center of the fairways will be green.

This has been done for the past couple of years because of cost. The cost to over-seed and water the rough areas of the golf course would be $7 per month per home. This would mean a $7 increase in your monthly dues to over-seed the rough areas of the golf course. Many residents believe it is worth the $7 per month per home to have the entire golf course green during the winter.

The Board sent out a survey on 8/30/19 to get the opinion of residents on how to proceed. There were 1,263 people that responded to the question “Do you want to over-seed the entire golf course knowing the cost will be an increase in dues of $7 per month?”

Here are the results of that survey:

Yes: 282 or 22.33%.

No: 981 or 77.67%

The Board will consider this information to determine how to budget for next year’s monthly dues.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller