Presidents Message: Synopsis of Podcast #244 – October 28, 2020

Kim Fuller

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

Announcement: Linda Aasen and Kim Fuller are running for re-election to the Board.

We have re-posted for comment the rules for political signs, Guests, and Arbitrating Party Walls.

Political Signs

The proposed reposted Event/Sign Rules:

  • 3 signs per candidate
  • 30 days prior to election
  • Removed within 24 hours of election

Party Walls

Definition: Wall separating two homeowners. The HOA is required to have a process for a dispute between two homeowners regarding the Party Wall. Board felt hiring a professional arbiter would be costly for the homeowners, about $2,000-$5,000. If we use our current Enforcement Procedures, the only cost for homeowners would be the cost of an engineering report to determine the reason for damaged wall. Using our existing process would cost the homeowners nothing for a hearing before the Covenants Committee.

This process does not include walls between HOA and homeowner. HOA pays to replace a wall between homeowners and the HOA unless the homeowner is responsible for damages to the wall.


Currently no description on how to treat guests over 55

All Guests may be a guest for 60 days/nights, then must vacate the community or become a Qualified Permanent Resident.

A Daily visitor, not staying overnight may visit every day, there is no limit.

Caregivers may stay as long as needed, there is no limit.

Tennis & Pickleball Lights

Courts will close at 8:30 for the peace & quiet of neighboring residents.


Currently installing internet at Zone 1A homes.

Kim’s situation: Savings for same service is $52 per month. After subtracting the HOA fee of $12 the savings is $40 per month.


$281 is our 2020 balanced budget assessment

2019 Surplus credit of $8 per month reduced dues to $273.

2021 dues actually increased from $281 - $294. This is a $13 increase or 4.6% increase over 2020.

$12 Frontier payment voted in by 70% of our residents so we don’t calculate this cost because it was not part of the 2020 budget and the $12 fee will save most residents more than $12 per month.

2021 Budget

The Balanced budget for 2021 is based on the worst-case scenario: No guests on golf courses or Shadows in 2021. If we remain open this income should improve for the year.

Some residents have suggested we close Shadows to save money:

F&B subsidy of $11.19 per month. Many other budget items receive a higher subsidy. Shadows is a valuable asset to community and important for home resales.

Some residents have suggested we hire an outside contractor to run Shadows:

$300,000 subsidy would require contractor to make up this loss before making any money. Cost of menu items would likely increase. Residents knew they would subsidize all amenities when buying a home at SCSH. CC&Rs do not allow for contracts more than one year so Contractors would not invest money for one year knowing the contract to terminate after only one year. Residents would need to vote to change one year restriction, so this complicates the possibility of an outside vendor to run Shadows.

California AB3182 – ADUs & JADUs

California wants to increase housing through ADUs & JADUs

Applies to renters, not guests.

ADU – Accessory Dwelling Unit. Built on existing property, and must contain a bathroom and kitchen

CC&Rs: Currently cannot rent out a casita, can only rent out entire home

A Casita does not qualify as ADUs if there is no kitchen.

A resident could obtain a City Permit to add a kitchen.

JADU – Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit. Wall off and rent out part of the house. Must contain separate entry, Kitchen & bathroom.

CC&Rs & ADUs: January 1, 2021 this new law nullifies our 90-day minimum rentals and changes it from 90 to 30 days. Of the 200 HOAs interviewed, they all had 30 day minimum rental periods without problems.

We currently allow for rentals less than 30 days if the resident uses a management company. When we vote to amend the CC&R’s it will be proposed to eliminate this clause so all rentals must be at least 30 days. We will need to have a resident ballot vote next year by instruction of the new State Law. Estimated to have such a ballot vote in October of next year.

Thank you,

Kim Fuller