President’s Message: Upcoming Bulk Cable Contract Survey

Kim Fuller

Good Morning Residents:

As you all know, the Board has been investigating the possibility of a Bulk Cable Contract. This is a negotiation with the Cable/Internet Companies to provide Internet and/or TV services for a period of 5 years and to reduce the amount of money our residents are paying for internet and TV services. The Board appointed a committee to investigate and gather information for the residents to review, and now it is time to survey all of you to find out how you want to proceed.

This information was discussed at the last Town Hall meetings on 8/1 and 8/2. The Presentation, the video, and documents to answer questions about the different Cable plans are on the website at

The goal for the Board is to gather as much information as possible so the Board can make a responsible and informed decision on how to proceed. Consequently, there will be a survey on the website beginning tomorrow, Tuesday 8/6/19 for residents to fill out. You may only fill out one survey per household.

This Survey will be based on the following Summary of Options of the two plans being offered the HOA. One plan is from Spectrum, Option A, and one plan is from Frontier, Option B:

Option A

A five-year contract with Spectrum providing High Speed Internet and Cable TV:

  • Internet Speed 100/10 Mbps with Wireless router
  • 2 DVR Receivers with DVR Service
  • 200+ Platinum Channel Lineup
  • Includes HBO & Showtime, all PAC-12, NFL Red Zone, Dodgers, Tennis and Golf
  • Marketing fee of $1.035 Million will be paid to the HOA

Cost: $43-49 per month with a 3% max increase per year after two years ($47-54 possible at year 5).

Please refer to the Town Hall presentation for more details on this pricing.

Option B

A five-year contract with Frontier providing High Speed Internet only (Cable TV is not included with this option):

  • Internet Speed 500/500 Mbps with Wireless router
  • Marketing fee: Original offer was $1.380 Million with $18 per month. Negotiations led to reducing Marketing fee paid to the HOA to 0 and reducing monthly fee to $12 per month.

Cost $12-13 per month with a 5% max increase per year ($15-16 possible at year 5)

Note: Frontier is offering optional cable TV plans at prices below what they currently charge to individual subscribers which can be individually chosen by those wishing to use such plans and which will be billed directly to the homeowner. Please refer to the Town Hall presentation for more details on this pricing.

We will be announcing the survey through the E-Blast system to find out your thoughts on having such a Cable contract. This survey will be available on the website, so anyone can log into the Website and fill out the survey once released. You will be required to list your name and address. This is because you may only fill out one survey per household. If you fill out more than one survey per household they will be deleted, so please only fill out one per household. This should provide accurate results, and if there is ballot vote, it also only allows for one vote per household so one survey per household will be consistent with that process.

We are asking that all surveys be completed by 8/20/19, so that we can review the information and continue the process in a timely fashion.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller