President’s Message: View Correction

Kim Fuller

Good morning residents,

I hope everyone had a great July 4th Holiday. The event at the Montecito was sold out with over 300 residents attending. Thank you staff for a great time and we all look forward to next year.

In the July issue of the View magazine, I wrote an article about the Bulk Cable contract the Board is investigating. The Deadline for the articles is one month in advance, and as a result I printed some information that is now incorrect because that information changed since I wrote the article and submitted it for printing.

The change in information is regarding the question, ‘do the residents vote for a 5-year Bulk Cable Contract or does the Board vote for such a contract?’ I printed that the Board would vote to decide this question because By-law, Section 9.2.2 (a) (v), allows for a 5-year contract with a cable company as an exception for a Board vote. At that time, we believed the Board had the authority to vote for a 5-year Bulk Cable contract. But after further review, the Board questioned this interpretation so at the meeting on June 24th the Board discussed the interpretation and meaning of the By-law in question.

At the Board meeting on June 24th the Board decided that By-law, Section 9.2.2 (a) (v), did not apply to residents, but did apply to the Common Areas such as Clubhouses, Pro Shops, Restaurant, etc. Since this 5-year Bulk Cable contract would be for residents, it will be necessary for the residents to vote and give approval to the Board to go into a 5-year Bulk Cable contract for the residents.

So, if and when it is decided by the Board to offer a 5-year Bulk Cable contract to the residents, it will be the residents that will need to approve such an action to go forward by having a formal ballot mailed out for a vote of the residents.

Hopefully this will explain why the article in this month’s View magazine is inaccurate about who votes for a 5-year Bulk Cable contract.

If you have questions, please let me know. Enjoy the holiday weekend and see you soon.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller