President’s Report – April 2020

Kim Fuller

Board Election and Frontier Vote

Finally, great weather is returning and, with it, those wonderful sunrises we all cherish. No doubt about it, welcome to another day in paradise.

It is again time for our Annual Meeting and Board election. Ballots have been delivered to your home, so be sure to return yours by April 7, 2020. If you mail it in, you need to do so before April 4, 2020, to be sure it arrives on time. There are ballot boxes in both clubhouses, so you can drop off the ballot at either clubhouse.

If you decide to bring your ballot to the meeting on April 7, be aware the polls close at 10 am. The meeting will open at 9 am, so you can bring in your ballot between 9 - 10 am. At 10 am the polls will close, and counting will begin.

The ballot includes the vote for three Board members. Bruce Marley and Fera Mostow have graciously decided to run for another term. Thanks to both for their time and commitment. The third candidate on the ballot is newcomer Johnny Goodrum. We all look forward to his help and appreciate his taking the time to volunteer as a Board member.

This will mean the retirement of Bob Israel, who served on the Board the last two years. Please thank Bob for all his time and energy. He worked hard, and his contributions helped in more ways than you can imagine. People that care about the community, that bring ideas and experience, make the outcome positive and beneficial for all of us living here at SCSH. Bob truly spent time for no other reason but to benefit the community. Thank you, Bob, and as so many have said, we wish you were still on the Board and your presence will be missed. You won’t have to spend as much time at meetings, but we might still need your advice, so don’t think you can hide, I am sure we will be calling.

The Frontier internet measure is also on the ballot. This is your time to decide if SCSH will have a five-year bulk internet contract with Frontier Communications for $12 per month. This plan is for internet service only, so you will be able to pick any TV service you like from any provider. The majority of those voting will decide the outcome. If the majority votes in favor, the Board will continue to work on finalizing contract terms to sign a five-year contract with Frontier. As we have explained, the Board felt the Spectrum plan was not in the best interest of the community and will not be offered as an option.

Once you have turned in your ballot, do as I do and sit and enjoy the sunset and once again realize, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Thank you,
Kim Fuller