President’s Report – April 2024

As published in The View, April 2024:

Jerry Conrad

Hello, neighbors. Realizing this is my last article for The View, I felt a need to proudly share three substantial accomplishments of my tenure and briefly cover others.

First, the small 2.7% dues increase in the 2024 budget. The willingness of our vendors to negotiate their cost increases to under 4% was the main reason. Thank you to DRM, Troon, Vintage Landscaping, and Allied Security for doing their part in making our dues increase manageable.

Interesting and important note: At a valley-wide DRM February symposium attended by all SCSH Board Members, and all but one candidate running in our upcoming annual elections, we learned the average increase in local HOA dues throughout the Coachella Valley this past year was 9%!

Second, keeping the Capital Reserve Funding (CRF) percentage at 70.8%. This number is a benchmark for a healthy CRF and, thus, a healthy community. Our financial health is extraordinarily strong because of to the sound management of our Financial Advisory Committee. I want to commend Bob Jester and all the crew on this committee, as they truly are the backstop to our financial health.

Third, the City Development Coordinating Committee led the charge that forced Pulte to abandon the attempt to run their Desert Retreat Project sewer line through the middle of our community! This was one of the finest decisions the Board made in choosing this incredible group of committed residents to negotiate and get results.

Decisions by the Board are made through careful review and debate over contracts and bids. Reserve Funds (RF) are used to renovate and/or upgrade our public areas for the benefit of the entire community based on a 30-year life expectancy schedule. Those projects are noted below by RF. However, those funds, along with operating funds, are also used for unexpected repairs. Briefly, below are other accomplishments this Board, our vendors, and committees have worked hard to complete:

  • Repainted common area walls in Phase RF
  • Repainted all wrought iron fences in common areas. RF
  • Phase 1 median landscape renovation RF
  • Montecito Fitness Center flooring RF
  • Santa Rosa Fitness Center flooring RF
  • Montecito outdoor pool concrete deck and under- ground drainage system renovation. RF
  • Montecito Clubhouse and Fitness Center foam roofs recoating. RF
  • Replaced all Montecito outdoor pool RF
  • Resurfaced Montecito tennis courts (four courts). RF
  • Pickleball and tennis dual lining of courts 5 and 6. Operating Fund.
  • Installed eight AED Machines throughout the property, for a total of 13 AEDs Operating Fund. Common Area Improvement.
  • Replaced the pump on hole #4 with the incredible help of Troon and DRM.
  • Replaced the Montecito Clubhouse outdoor speakers. RF
  • Replaced the Shadow Restaurant sound and music system. RF
  • Replace the chairs, carpet, and audio/video at the Montecito Ballroom. RF schedule
  • Resurfaced the Santa Rosa indoor walking track. RF
  • Resurfaced the Santa Rosa pool deck. RF
  • Installed a handicap ramp near Bocce courts. Operating Fund. Common Area Improvement
  • Installed a handicapped ramp at Santa Rosa facility. Operating Fund. Common Area Improvement
  • Contracted to replace the dehumidifier in indoor pool. RF. Install pending.
  • Contracted to replaster the indoor swimming pool. RF. Project pending.
  • Reopened the Montecito Café after two years of closure. (Hopefully, the next Board will find a way to expand both hours and features.)

These are not all the improvements and replacements in our community, but this list will give you an idea of the work required to make our community a wonderful place to live. Thank you to DRM and Troon for their continued support of the Board – without their hard work, the above improvements could not have been completed. I know they will continue to be an important part of our continued success.

Finally, I want to wish the next Board members good luck with all that comes before them in the coming year. And, of course, thank you all for letting me serve you these past two years as Board member and President. It has been an honor and a privilege.

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