Presidents’ Report – August 2016

When you read this we will be mid-way through the summer season but you will find that your Board, Ceasar, and his staff have been hard at work getting things ready for our busy season.

Over the past several weeks the Board has met and discussed specific areas that we would like Ceasar and his staff to work on, besides the dayto- day operations of the community. These seven (7) goals have been outlined and are posted on the association’s website ( in the resident only section.

Working on improving our food and beverage and golf operations is number one goal for everyone. We are all thrilled to have Troon here to help operate our golf and Food and Beverage venues. They just started July 1, but I believe by the beginning of our season our community will see a great improvement in both areas.

We live in such a beautiful and wonderful community that we wanted to be able for our residents to share the beauty of their community with their friends and family by creating a short video showing the various things there are to do in our community. This video could also be used by residents when they need to sell their home. Ceasar will be working on getting this video established.

The other big goal that the Board, Ceasar, and his staff will be working on is getting an intracommunity shuttle started. There are lots of issues with establishing this shuttle, but we believe they are worth working through and many of our residents have indicated they agree. Whether we can have the shuttle go outside of the community is yet to be decided, but we thought we would start by making it available to help our residents get from their home to the clubhouses or the restaurant.

Recognizing the many staff members who stay in our community to make it this wonderful place is important. Ceasar is working on recognition pins that the employees can wear and a “hall of fame” where staff members who have been here 10 years or longer can be recognized.

More goals have been established and I hope you will check out the list on the website.

The Golf Advisory Committee is working on the looks and playability of the course and will be coordinating the Board approved final plan with Troon and the Board appreciates all the time and effort that our GAC members are putting in to get a master plan created. The ultimate goal is for our course to look nice year round and become more playable for all ages.

We hope the rest of your summer is great and we look forward to seeing everyone at the end of summer as the new season begins.