President’s Report – May 2022

As published in The View, May 2022:

John MacDonnell

Fortunately, it is not very often that you lose a mentor, a friend, a neighbor, a kind and gentle man with a perpetual smile, and a hard-working volunteer for our HOA community all at the same time.

Johnny Goodrum was all those things to me. I, and many in our community, will miss him. It is said that, when we pass, we live on in the acts of goodness we perform and in the hearts of those who cherish our memory. Johnny was such a good man, and many of us will cherish his memory in our hearts.

I, for one, am a better person for having had the privilege of knowing Johnny. In his memory, I will continue to strive — along with my fellow Board members — to make our community the safe, well managed, comfortable, pleasant, and happy place Johnny worked so hard to create.

In Memoriam: Johnny Lee Goodrum
February 7, 1951 – March 25, 2022
Board Member/Vice President

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