President’s Report – October 2023

As published in The View, October 2023:

Jerry Conrad

It’s been a busy month with unprecedented rainfall causing severe damage to our golf courses and common areas. A proposal to remove the resident Golf Loyalty Program caused considerable angst. Our Community Development Coordinating Committee presented arguments to the Indio City Council on the Pulte Desert Retreat Project. And finally, our budget is getting closer to being finalized for the 2024 year.

The last month of hard rain and flooding of our golf courses has awakened many of you to the issue of why SCSH is in litigation with CVWD. I cannot discuss the litigation details at this time. But the concerning issue is what would have happened if the water from CVWD had been connected during this event. Will the current plan adequately protect SCSH?

The Community Development Coordinating Committee made a terrific breakthrough with the Indio City Council concerning the Desert Retreat Project. The committee, along with our outside counsel, convinced the Council to add one important condition. Pulte is now required to adopt a wastewater plan that diverts sewage away from SCSH. In addition, the proposed roundabout at the Shadows Restaurant on Avenue 40 has been changed to a traffic signal. The CDCC was able to gather over 1,300 signatures from our community to apply pressure where it clearly had the desired effect. The latest estimate is that Pulte will be starting the project in 2024 with approximately 250 homes to be built in the first phase. The project is projected to be completed with 1,500 homes built around 2032. I want to thank the CDCC members Deborah Gmeiner, Chris Stevens, Fera Mostow, and Karl Delaney for all their efforts to ensure our community was fully represented.

Last month the Financial Advisory Committee, FAC, submitted a proposal to terminate the Loyalty Program our resident golfers have enjoyed over the last several years. The reasons are complicated but mostly concern the awards and how they affect the subsidy of Troon. I asked that all parties concerned meet and, after a couple of hours, it was decided to table the proposal and set up a sub-committee to find a solution. This is exactly what our community should strive for when we deal with contentious issues. I want to congratulate both the FAC and the Golf Advisory Committee as well as all the residents who took the time to communicate their thoughts on this proposal.

Please be sure to attend or listen to the last budget session on Wednesday, October 18, at 10 am. This is the final meeting of the Board, committees, and vendors before the final budget is determined. The goal is to keep any increase in the dues as low as possible while at the same time continuing to keep our amenities first rate. A delicate balance indeed.

Finally, residents interested in running for the Board of Directors must send in a nomination form by noon on November 30, 2023, directly to HOA Elections of CA, 1001 Avenida Pico, Suite C-496, San Clemente, CA 92673. If you are interested, please understand the demands on both time and energy that this position requires. Board members will conservatively spend 10-15 hours a week on Board business. The only qualification you need is the desire to work hard for the betterment of the overall community.

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