A Special Notice Regarding the Golf Courses

Our residents enjoy a special relationship with our two Golf Courses. They give you the opportunity to play golf in your own community, a great view, serenity, some wild life and added value to your homes.

Unfortunately, a few individuals have taken advantage and believe it gives them free rein to use the golf course as a playground for all manner of games for themselves, their guests, and their grand children. This includes, but is not limited to, BBQ, playing soccer, frisbee, football, playing in the sand traps, walking their dogs on the fairways and greens, and allowing their canines to do their business on the greens and fairways. </p

With the holiday around the corner please keep in mind the Golf Course, golf cart paths, greens, fairways and sand traps are for golf play ONLY.

These extra curricular activities cost our golf operations more time and money to maintain the course in an adequate condition.

If you see someone using any of our fine golf courses in an inappropriate manner, please call Security immediately at 760-345-4458 and they will follow up.

Thank you for your understanding.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Ceasar Larrach, CMCA®, AMS®
General Manager