Reminder: Pets on Common Areas

Just a reminder that due to an increase in reports regarding pets off leash while in common areas, homeowners must be aware that dogs or other pets must be securely restrained by a leash not exceeding twelve (12) feet in length. The owner or keeper of a pet shall not allow or permit the pet to run at large in any common area, except the pet park(s), or in rear yard. Pets must not be left unattended in the association's common areas, including the pet park(s).

Pets are not permitted on any golf course at any time. Dog walking at Avenida Sombra, where Avenida Sombra meets Sun City Blvd., behind hole number 7, is not permitted. In all other areas, you may walk your dog along the edge of the golf course as long as you and your dog do not walk beyond nine (9’) feet from the edge of the street. Pets are not allowed on the lot of another owner without permission and should not be allowed to soil another owner’s property. Pet owners are responsible for removing and disposing of their pet's litter from Association common areas, including the pet park(s).

We request your immediate compliance. Violators may be cited and be subject to monetary penalties and/or suspension of common area privileges.

Rules & Regulations, Section 2.20.4 - Responsibility of Pet Owners

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Schedule of Monetary Penalties

Thank you for your cooperation.