SCSH Monthly Dues to Remain a Low $217 in 2016!

Our HOA Board approved next year's budget at the October Board meeting. The operating budget is what determines our HOA monthly dues. Dues will be low when a community if efficiently and effectively managed.

It's important to note that monthly HOA dues in similar communities around us are going up and up and up (Heritage Palms ($350) and Palm Desert ($239), to mention just two) -- our community dues will remain at just $217 next year for the third year in a row. The lowering of the fees in 2014 was a result of increased operational efficiency.

As most of of you know -- our community has lower fees than other similar communities in the Coachella Valley -- but what you may not know, is that our Board has managed to do this while also keeping our community and our amenities well maintained, and our reserves funded at over 90%. Other communities are not as fortunate: At the end of 2014, SCPD had a reserve funding level of just 56% and Heritage Palms was at just 63%.

When reserves are underfunded, the possibility of an expensive special assessment is always looming.