Shadow Hills Women’s Fall Golf Team

The Shadow Hills Women’s Golf Club is proud to be a participant in the Women’s Desert Team Play (WDTP). This league is designed for lower handicap players to compete against lower handicap players from other clubs in the Desert. The league is comprised of 10 Women’s Southern California Golf Association Division I member clubs throughout the Coachella Valley. We play a Four-Ball Match Play format, with seven sides from each club competing against each other. Matches are played on a Home and Home basis, clubs play each other at home and away. The playing season starts mid-November until the end of February, with playoffs in March. Last year Shadow Hills was excited to receive runnerup for Low Net in our division.

From left to right: Marg Lacroix, Marg Hawes, Sue Holm, Joan Murray, Missy Helseth, Vickie Glogow, Nancy Zimmerman, Lin Skwarski, Gloria Mossman, Goldie Kane, Jacqui Chin, Grace Hutchings, Sue Weiss, Sandy March, Edie Dodd, Donna Rawson, Ann Falk, Laurie Randall

We have 24 active players on the team: Linda Andrews, Jacqui Chin, Edie Dodd, Ann Falk, Judy Flanders, Karla Fuller, Vickie Glogow, Margaret Gouveia, Marg Hawes, Missy Helseth, Sue Holm, Grace Hutchings, Goldie Kane, Marg LaCroix, Sandy March, Gloria Mossman, Joan Murray, Laurie Randall, Donna Rawson, Linda Skwarski, Susan Toder, Esther Tredger, Sue Weiss, Nancy Zimmerman.

The purpose of Women’s Desert Team Play is to foster a challenging interest in amateur golf and encourage friendly competition conducted in a sportsmanlike manner. It is an opportunity to play other courses, and meet other players. And, of course, we have a fun time.