South Course Update from Roland Vaughn

Dear SCSH Residents,

Due to the number of projects being performed on the South Course we would like to take a moment and pass along the information about these. The South Course is a Bermuda grass based playing surface and there are large areas without Bermuda coverage (fairways on #1 and #2 are examples). In order to have the best overseed possible and best playing conditions through the winter months it is crucial to have complete coverage of Bermuda by September.

Beginning last week the Maintenance crew began an irrigation head audit. It is our opinion that this will make a large impact on the bare spots in the fairways around the South Course. This is a large undertaking as each head throughout the course will be checked and repaired as necessary. The goal of this project is to ensure all areas are receiving the correct amount of irrigation daily.

On Monday, Leonard and his crew used a drag with large tines to move Bermuda grass into the bare areas on #1 and #2 fairways. The fairways were then rolled, fertilized and watered. It is his goal to have these fairways filled in with as much Bermuda as possible by the end of summer. There should be noticeable improvements in about a two week period. However, we are asking that all golfer remain on the cart path on these holes as there is heavy irrigation needed and golf car traffic will damage the surface.

In addition to the fairway project the South Course greens were aerified and top-dressed. This is a common practice and I am sure that most of you are aware of the process.

Finally, the Maintenance crew will be soding the approaches of a few greens. The first on the list was hole #9 and it has been completed. These areas are cut, prepared and then sod laid. The sod will need to be watered frequently and may be wet for a couple of weeks so that it has the best opportunity to take hold.

As you can see we are extremely busy during the summer with projects that will improve the conditions of the course moving forward. We appreciate your patience during these and apologize for an inconvenience it may cause.

Thank you and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Rolland Vaughn
General Manager • Shadow Hills Golf Club