Strategic Plan Update from Joan Dzuro

Our third Strategic Planning meeting was held on Monday, June 8th. I want to thank everyone who took time out of their schedule to attend the meeting and share your thoughts.

We confirmed the sections of the draft Strategic Plan document, our mission statement from last month and discussed vision statements to help us stay on track as we finalize our plans throughout this year. The board has taken the ideas discussed at this meeting and will bring back final ideas for voting on at the September 11 meeting (our next time to meet).

Linda Aasen, who is serving on the Facilities Committee, sent a survey to the club presidents asking them for feedback on ideas to consider for the strategic plan:

 50% of the responses had to do with needing more meeting space and
 Needing more courts for pickleball and tennis.

At the last meeting our committees were asked to start researching various ideas and here is a summary of their reports:

Information Committee: They were to research other avenues for communicating to residents besides our current vehicles of website, The View, flyers and SmartTVs in the clubhouses. Georgeana Mimms reported that programs had been identified for minimal cost that could conduct email blasts to residents who would like to receive these notifications. Also, the website now has a phone app that people can get and if you sign up for push notifications whenever something important is going on in the community it will send you an alert to your phone, again a voluntary program. The local radio station idea is still under review.

Facilities Committee: Ceasar mentioned that research had been done by his staff regarding how to get more courts on what we currently own and those ideas will be presented to the board at the June 22 meeting. The committee is also going to look at the feasibility of adding additional mobile wall units to our larger meeting rooms to give us more options during high season. The idea of adding a temporary structure next to the HOA office (due to underground tanks permanent space cannot be built without removing the tanks which will be very expensive) to give more work space for office staff and possibly an additional meeting room. This would free up the LaJolla room for meetings.

Someone had seen a modern looking cover placed partially over a pool at a Robson Community in Arizona and was wondering if our residents would like something like this. Facilities Committee will see what they can find out from residents who go to the pool and if it seems this would be welcomed will look at the pros and cons of doing something like this.

The 5 acres in the corner of our community that Pulte currently owns was discussed. Right now Pulte has indicated they would not deed that land to us until they can move their sales offices to their new site, next to the Agua Caliente Resort in Rancho Mirage. Their timeline, at this time, is at least 2 years from now. This will be discussed later and looked at later this year as a 3 to 5 year project for our community.

A resident mentioned that with regards to the concerns expressed by the Performing Arts Club, where she came from they actually rented outside venues for their large productions which gave them the space they needed to rehearse and conduct the performances. We have the Shadow Hills High School theater that is a possibility as well as the Indio Performing Arts Center. Another resident mentioned possibly purchasing a large trailer to store props and costumes that could be stored in the new maintenance yard and then pulled to whatever location it would be needed. This idea will be explored later on in our planning process.

Parking at our clubhouses has also come up as an issue during our high season. Discussion was held on how to allow more golf cart parking and the decision was made to have Ceasar look at painting a dotted yellow line in each car (except handicapped) parking spot. If a car needs to park it will park between the two white lines, if a golf cart it would park between a dotted yellow and white line, which would give us 2 golf cart spots for each one car spot but they could be used for either (first come first served). We will see if this will help with the parking come our next high season.>/p>

Meeting was then adjourned.

Next Meeting is September 11, 2015 in the ballroom, check the calendar for time