Sun City Shadow Hills Gives Back to Local Firefighters

INDIO, CA…Last Friday, SCSH Restaurant Manager, Mario Chaffino and the (IAC) Information Advisory Committee Chair, Erin Smith, delivered a complete Turkey/Ham dinner with all the fixin’s to our local Fire House on Ave. 40. The meal was paid for by the Sun City Shadow Hills HOA in appreciation of their work for our community. Unfortunately, when we delivered the lunch, there was only one firefighter present, because the others were all out on calls in our community!

However, when they returned from their calls, there were happy faces all around! They thoroughly enjoyed all the great food, but more importantly, they were all so thankful for SCSH’s thoughtfulness and show of appreciation for all they do to provide care for our residents.

When asked if there was anything they wanted me to communicate to our residents, he said, “the residents need to trust the professionalism and advice from the First-Responders. The Paramedics know exactly where you need to be taken, based on the care you need immediately.

Some residents insist on being taken to hospitals more than 25 minutes away, which can be a fatal mistake, for that particular patient, and/or the other resident, who may need the ambulance at the same time!!! These extra minutes can be the difference between life and death.”

He shared, “when we have to take a patient to Eisenhower, for instance, the local Ambulance/ Paramedics are not available for over three hours, due to the paperwork and drive times, there and back. These three hours means SCSH has no close Paramedics to respond to other residents who may have an emergency! We simply ask residents to trust them to take patients exactly where they need to be, for their particular needs.”

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA…Also, some residents of Shadow Hills got together and formed a group to deliver lunch to the North Rancho Mirage Fire Station on Saturday, December 8th.

Several Shadow Hills residents visited the fire station on Gerald Ford Avenue to show their appreciation to the firefighters and enjoyed a tour of the fire station and a briefing from Medic, Tom Eldridge.

Engineer, Justin Karp gave a briefing on emergency calls to their fire station.

All the firefighters were very thankful about our visit and we all agreed that it was a worthwhile time for all. They told us it was the very first time that anyone from the community had done a similar visit. Way to go, SCSH residents!