The Great ShakeOut: Step Three – Organize Disaster Supplies

This step is crucial and should be started ASAP. It’s also on the overwhelming side, so take it slow and steady. Convenience is the key here. Be sure you store your kits in locations that are easily accessible at home, at work and in your vehicle. Backpacks or other small bags are best for disaster supplies. You can easily “grab and go” if you have to evacuate.

Here is a partial list to get you started:

Medications, prescription list, copies of medical cards, doctor’s name and contact information. Consider completing a “Vial of Life,” available free of charge at the Lifestyles Desk.

First aid kit and handbook (Consider taking a basic first aid course. Knowledge on hand is quicker than relying on a handbook!)

Examination gloves (non-latex)

Dust mask

Spare eyeglasses or contact lenses and cleaning solution

Bottled water

Whistle (to alert rescuers to your location)

Sturdy shoes

Emergency cash

Road maps

List of emergency out-of-area contact phone numbers

Snack foods, high in water and calories

Working flashlight with extra batteries and light bulbs, or light sticks

Personal hygiene supplies

Copies of personal identification (drivers license, work ID card, etc)

For a more complete list, click here:

The best way to be prepared is to practice. Watch for daily updates and plan to participate in the 2018 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill on October 18 at 10:18 am.