Vendor Access Programs

There are 3 possible ways for a vendor to gain access onto Sun City Shadow Hills property, for the purpose of providing services to residents.


  • Vendors are allowed 5 Vendor SERVICE PASSES per month.
    • This type of access is used for vendors who are coming onto the property occasionally for 1 day.
    • The homeowner MUST call one of the gates and place the vendor on their guest list by Company Name.
    • The homeowner MUST call the gate every time vendor access is needed for work on the property.
    • The homeowner is NOT responsible for the vendor while on Sun City Shadow Hills property.


  • The NON-Transponder Program allows the vendor to gain access to the property by using the 5 SERVICE PASSES per month, without the homeowner calling the gate.
    • Vendors are required to complete the non-program form providing and maintaining current registration, current insurance and a valid driver’s license.
    • Vendors in this program are placed on the resident’s Permanent guest list. The homeowner does not need to call the gate, nor is the homeowner responsible for the vendor while on SCSH property.


  • The Transponder Program allows vendors unlimited access privileges through all 6 gates in Sun City Shadow Hills ONLY during vendor hours.
    • Vendors are required to complete the Transponder Program Form, providing and maintaining current registration, current insurance and a valid driver’s license.
    • Vendors in this program are placed on the Permanent Vendor List.
    • When the vehicle with the transponder is unavailable, the vendor must use the guest lane and acquire one of the 5 SERVICE PASSES still available to a vendor in this program. The homeowner is NOT responsible for the vendor while on SCSH property.

Vendors must contact Edward Nunez, Safety, Phase 3 Front-gate, to secure Vendor Access Program forms, (760) 342-4725, ext. 2053.

As with any program, special circumstances will, from time to time, present themselves. Please call our Community Safety Director, at (760) 345-4349, ext. 2202, and we will work toward an equitable resolution in the best interest of our residents.