Vice President’s Report – February 2018

This is my last article for The View as a Board member. Since I am retiring from the Board, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for the privilege of serving our community as a member of this HOA Board.

I have, over these past four years, served on this board with John Council, Greg Middlebrook, Stu Stryker, Jerry Cavoretto, Carey Thompson, Barbara Stocky, Vicki Berg, Kim Fuller, Erica Hedlund, and Agi Kessler along with the dozens of wonderful volunteers that staff our various advisory committees. Together we have tried to move this community forward in these ways:

  1. Approving a website where all information can be located by the click of a mouse. Formerly we requested the documents in writing and, 30 days later, you could get a hard copy, but you paid for the copies. Now, you can pull up the documents and print or not at your leisure. This includes our financial statements, Board minutes, committee minutes, governing documents, club information, etc.
  2. At its meetings, the Board must handle corporate business, so comments need to be limited to three minutes. I started “Meet a Board Member” four years ago where two Board members meet every month with residents for an informal chat about the community and issues that are on their minds.
  3. Board meetings are videotaped so that, if residents are unable to attend, they can still stay informed about what is going on in the community.
  4. The community wanted more pickleball courts, and so the Board installed pickleball courts in Phase 3.
  5. Residents had to wait outside the HOA office, as there was no room inside. Also, the community needed another meeting room. These items were both accomplished by expanding the HOA office.
  6. We approved the expansion of tools for the community to get information. You now have the website, podcasts, flyers, smart TVs, cell phone apps, and weekly email blasts. You can also ask questions through the website’s “Ask a Question” or by emailing a Board member.
  7. Before Pulte left the community, the Transition Ad Hoc Committee and the Board considered the remaining items needing review and were able to attain$300,000 to offset any potential issues that may arise in the future.
  8. We have implemented a new slurry process that looks darker and lasts twice as long as the previous method.
  9. Working with the landscape committee, we were reimbursed 100 percent for the areas where we removed turf and implemented desert landscaping. This improves the look of the community and saves us water.
  10. Working with Pulte, we attained a$1,000,000 maintenance building and a second dog park.
  11. We contracted with Troon to run our golf course and food and beverage operations, which resulted in significant improvement and a reduction in subsidies.
  12. Once Phase 3 was completed, residents needed more space around the Santa Rosa pool. The Board expanded the pool area over a year ago.
  13. The Board approved a Golf Master Plan to repair and remodel some of the areas of the South Course to make it more appealing and – hopefully reduce subsidies as time goes by.
  14. The Board approved moving our Emergency Preparedness Committee as a sub-committee of our Safety Committee, and Jeff Kirkpatrick has been working hundreds of hours to get our command center organized and stocked with necessary supplies to help in a disaster. Jeff is also conducting monthly emergency preparedness seminars, free of charge, to show us how to be better prepared in case of a major flood, fire, earthquake, etc.

And the list goes on. As the community moves forward, I am excited to see the great things that will come for all of you.

Thank you again for the honor to serve you, and may God bless this community.

Joan Dzuro
Vice President