Vice President’s Report – January 2018

Happy New Year! As we start making our New Year resolutions and look to the future, I thought we could take a moment and look at 2017 and what your previous two Boards (one ended March 2 and the new Board started March 2) accomplished in 2017. Below are some the more major items:

  1. Sports Areas: The Board approved the resurfacing of some of the tennis courts, replacement of windscreens, and the painting of the courts. We added additional awnings and benches for players. We added a sound curtain to the pickleball court, upgraded the snack bar countertop, added an icemaker by the tennis courts, resurfaced the Santa Rosa pool deck, purchased new furniture to go around that pool, and replaced the plaster and installed tile in the spa. The bocce ball courts were leveled and resurfaced.
  2. Golf Course: A major overhaul of the south golf course was completed. You can find all the details, including photos of the project in process, on the website at All renovations were accomplished at more than $200,000 under budget. We now have new liners and sand in all bunkers; an enlarged practice and putting green; and a renovated, lighted putting course in the community.
  3. With Pulte leaving, the Board established an Ad Hoc Committee to review the last areas that needed to be released and, after much discussion and negotiation, the Board was able to acquire $300,000 to cover future costs of items in Phase 3.
  4. We widened the parking area by the North Channel on San Mateo so that we have a place to park as you walk your dogs in that area.
  5. We added lamps next to the sidewalk on Sombra by the Monroe gate to illuminate that area.
  6. We revised the tree trimming schedule so all trees get trimmed each year (unless the species requires more time between trimmings), and we removed some of the excess trees.
  7. We added red-/green-lighted gate arms to all the gates to make it easier to know when your transponder signal has been read by the gate.
  8. We worked with the Veterans Club to install a flagpole and flag outside the golf/Shadows areas.
  9. Working with the Ad Hoc Governing Documents Committee, we updated the CC&Rs and By-laws for the homeowners to vote on. The changes basically remove references to Pulte in areas where they can be removed. Since Pulte still owns five acres in the northeast part of our community, the references have to remain in some areas. Three additional items for homeowner vote include: cumulative voting for Board of director elections, term limits for committee volunteers, and length of time homes can be rented.
  10. The Finance Advisory Committee has made numerous recommendations to help the Board with upgrading our financial procedures and internal controls. (We also hired a Controller, Tyler Ingle, to help in the execution of these procedures.) The committee has reviewed all insurance policies and contracts as well. They also created a subcommittee that reviews our Reserve Study report and budget.
  11. We have established a new Advisory Committee, Facilities & Service, that will look at any request for large purchases, or projects that need to be replaced or repaired, and confirm the work is needed.
  12. The Board held several budget meetings and approved a budget for 2018.
  13. We are working with the Information Advisory Committee on an upgrade to our website.
  14. The Board met over the summer and updated the Strategic Plan, which is available on the website at 2018.pdf.

There are still a number of items that your Board is working on for this year. As always, getting residents’ respectful feedback is important to us. You can do this by emailing Board members, attending a Board meeting and speaking at an open forum, attending a “Meet a Board Member” session, or asking questions through the Shadow Hills website at

We hope that 2018 is your best and happiest year yet.