Virtual Car Show

Rick Bishop
Hemi Orange
Dodge Charger-Super Bee

This is an original (family) owner vehicle. My dad purchased the car in West Covina, CA, in March 1971. It's original with no restorations or modifications. This "savior car" is almost the same as it rolled off the production plant and when my Dad pulled off the car lot. Everything you see in the photos are original with no restorations or modifications (except tires). The paint, wheels, interior, etc. are all original. I drive it often during the winter months and enjoy the great times.


Robert Daidone
Dark Green / White
Kaiser Manhattan

Complete restoration in 2000.


Vernon Dallmann
Ford Victoria

An original California car spending time in Minnesota and Washington until I brought it back home in 2017.


Jim Dravage
Chevrolet Corvette

This is a numbers matching very original car.


Siyavash Eslamizar
Mercedes SL500


Ron Gilmore
Aqua Blur and Slingshot Yellow
2005 and 2006
Chevrolet SSR

The Chevrolet SSR witnessed production from 2004 to 2006. The early models featured the GM 454 engine and in 2005 it shifted to the Corvette LS2 engine. With small sales, production ceased in 2006 with some folks lucky enough to catch a Final Production Run (FPR) unit. My 2006 Slingshot Yellow unit 6-speed is an FPR with about 6000 miles on it. The 2005 Aqua Blur (the color changes depending on the ambient light) automatic unit has about 28,000 miles. All SSR units are convertibles and have to be the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Owners have been known to own a "Permagrin" when they get behind the wheel. No. Not for sale.


Robert Hunter
Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

Custom coach work done by Mulliner Park Ward. Limousine.


Irv Kushner
Gypsy Red / Shoreline Beige
Chevrolet Nomad BelAir

Factory Air Conditioning
4 Barrel Power Pak


Carl Laufer
Dark Blue Metallic
Porsche 981 Boxster


Jim Lewis
Black & Yellow
Corvette GT1

1 of 24 produced, a dedication to LE Mans race, roof as all the flags of the Countries in the race, the hood has The graphics of the Jake logo in yellow, Interior Ebony custom leather trim with Jake & GT1.


George Panico
Ford Mustang Shelby GT

Car is showroom condition with only 27,563 miles.


Don Pederson
Ford Panel

Rare 1959 Ford Panel W/ Ford 460 CI motor w/ C6 trans
Valarie Front suspension, No-Limit Fat Bar rear suspension w/ coil-over shocks, A/C power steering, power brakes.
For Sale.


Dennis Richards
Dodge Challenger RT

Took these photos in front of a restaurant I love in Indio, CA.