VOTING: Measure #1

The Information Advisory Committee (IAC) is trying to get the word out for residents to vote on the CC&R’s and By-law changes. As part of this commitment, we will be taking the measures and breaking them out one measure per day for the week!

Measure #1 includes all the proposed changes to remove PULTE from the Governing Documents wherever possible and applicable and all changes required because of new California state laws.

If Measure #1 passes, then the CC&R’s and By-laws, as set forth in the materials provided, would become the current governing documents. Since Pulte is no longer here, it seemed responsible for us to remove them from the documents, wherever possible. The other changes are required because of changes in the law. If Measure #1 passes, the documents will become clearer without Pulte being listed where applicable, and since we must implement new laws anyway, the documents would reflect that which is required by law.

If Measure #1 fails, PULTE will remain (Declarant) in our Governing Documents, even though they are no longer an interested party. If measure #1 fails, we will HAVE to implement new State laws, regardless of a NO vote.

We ask every homeowner to send in your ballot today or better yet, drop it off in the ballot boxes located at either clubhouse! The deadline to vote is December 12 at 10:00 am!