Welcome Four-Legged Best Friends

We are a community of dog lovers. Many of us are wrapped around the paw of our four-legged best friend. Some of us even consider ourselves dog “parents.” It doesn’t matter if our “kid” is a 5-pound Maltese, a 25-pound Pug or 150-pound Bloodhound, in our eyes they’re about as cute as cute can be.

Here at Sun City Shadow Hills we have several options for keeping our best friends happy and active. There are two fenced off-leash Dog Parks. One park is located on the South side of the community off of Avenida Los Padres. The second is located in Phase 3 off Camino Lampazos. Each park provides a “big” dog area and a “little” dog area. Both parks provide waste removal bags. These are the ONLY areas in the community which allow dogs to be off leash.

In addition to walking the streets within the community, a favorite for many dog walkers is the duck pond area adjacent to the main gate. This area is scenic and provides a paved walkway around the three duck ponds. You and your pet get exercise while being entertained by the wildlife including Road Runners, Blue Herons, Egrets, rabbits and of course the ducks.

The good news about our community of dog lovers is the vast majority are conscientious poop scoopers. The bad news is the minority that aren’t make us all look bad. The few that aren’t - please reconsider.

As the weather gets nicer and the snowbirds return, we’re sure to welcome many more four-legged best friends into our community.

By the Information Advisory Committee