Where Do Our Dues Go?

On November 29, 2015, all homeowners of Shadow Hills were sent a copy of the Pro Forma Operating budget for 2016 that the Board prepared.

Here is what we spend to operate our community and prepare for the future with reserve funding.

Of our $217 in monthly dues:

20% goes to Reserves
11% goes to Golf Operations
3% goes to the F&B Operation
11% goes to Property Protection
8% goes to Landscape
5% goes to Utilities
17% goes to Facilities Maintenance
8% goes to Lifestyle Events, Recreation and Fitness
16% goes to General and Administrative Costs

We have the lowest does of any HOA Golf Community in the Coachella Valley.

We have the highest level of reserve funding of any comparable HOA community.

And we have the lowest General and Administrative costs of any comparable HOA community.