Why Was the Ad Hoc Litigation Committee Formed?

In March of 2015, the Board consisted of homeowners Greg Middlebrook, John Council, Stu Stryker, Joan Dzuro and Erica Hedlund as the newest member.

One of the areas that our Board of Directors deals with is litigation. At that time there was only one legal matter with which the Board was dealing and it happened to be with a friend of Erica’s, a homeowner called Martin Stone. So ERICA RECUSED herself – meaning she said she felt it was not right that she be a part of the discussions concerning Martin Stone because Martin Stone was her friend of hers.  As a result, Board Member Greg Middlebrook, who was a California practicing attorney, suggested that the Board create a Board ad hoc litigation subcommittee of 3 Board members (an odd number being required for voting purposes).  Legal Counsel agreed this was appropriate.  A vote was taken and all 5 members, including Erica, agreed this committee should be formed.  Stu Stryker, Joan Dzuro and Greg Middlebrook were on this committee – John Council and Erica were not.

Unfortunately, because the matter with Martin Stone continues to this day and Erica is still on the Board, this subcommittee continues to be necessary;  however ALL 5 members of the Board signed an agreement  in October of 2016 (click here) stating that the committee will be dissolved once the matter with Mr. Stone is over.