Desert Living Tip of the Month: Paint Your Desert Masterpiece

Your SCSH home is your haven for enjoying life and outdoor entertaining. Our delightful desert climate allows us to spend most of the year outside strolling, playing sports, and gathering in our community clubhouses, facilities, golf courses, and backyards. As our homes age and endure desert heat, wind, sand, and occasional rain, it is prudent to refresh the exterior with a new coat of paint.

Fresh, colorful paint will enhance your property and the community. When you’re ready to paint the exterior of your house, the HOA and Design Review Committee rules are easy to follow.

Exterior Home Painting Requirements:

  • You must choose exterior house paint colors according to specific color charts.
  • The exterior color charts are located on the SCSH website in the Paint Color Schemes folder.
  • The link for the color schemes is
  • The approved paint for exteriors is Dunn-Edwards Paints
  • There are 18 approved choices for exterior paint color schemes.
  • Each paint color scheme provides an example of the colors with numbers for where the paint should be applied:
    • #1 – Main Stucco
    • #2 – Accent Stucco Blocking
    • #3 - Decorative Clay Pipes
    • #4 – Front Door/Shutters
    • #5 – Garage Door
  • No individual item, e.g., doors, trim, fascia, etc., may be painted differently from the approved color schemes. Exchanging colors between schemes is not permitted.
  • The home’s main color, that of its stucco, cannot be the same as that of the dwelling units on either adjoining lot.
  • Property walls visible from the street, common area, or neighboring properties must remain the same

Approval Before Exterior Painting:

  • You must complete the Design Review Home Improvement Application (HIA) before painting your home’s exterior when you use a new color scheme.
  • You can find the HIA form and directions on the SCSH website in the design review folder.
  • You must obtain written approval from the DRC before commencing any repainting.
  • To change the color of a dwelling unit, the owner must choose from one of the eighteen approved complete color schemes and submit an HIA to receive written approval by the DRC prior to work commencing.
  • A photograph of the adjoining dwelling units must accompany the HIA.
  • You must provide the approved Scheme Color number chosen, house model, and elevation.
  • Owners repainting the dwelling with the existing color does NOT require an HIA; if you need to identify your color, the HOA office staff will assist you.

We recommend that you visit Dunn-Edwards to view the actual color samples since the samples at the HOA office and online are not exact replicas.

Once the DRC approves your exterior paint scheme and you have completed painting, it’s time to appreciate your desert masterpiece home while walking or driving around the community. Enjoy the wonderful four seasons in SCSH with a freshly painted house that residents and guests will admire.