Desert Living Tip of the Month: Rock On!

Our arid desert climate makes it difficult to grow verdant green lawns. Most of us plant cactus, palm trees, and various desert vegetation to beautify the exterior of our homes. In place of grass, we use desert-hued rock-ettes to cover the sand.

Strangely, those small pebbles mysteriously disappear, leaving patches of barren dirt and sand. Do you wonder what happens to the rock-ettes? Are they eaten by desert prowlers, absorbed into the ground like quicksand, or spirited away by aliens? We may never solve the mystery of the disappearing pebbles. Don’t fret; if you want to purchase new rock-ettes to refresh your landscaping, follow the HOA and DRC rules below.

Ground Surface Requirements:

  • When refreshing your garden, homeowners must replenish with “like for like” materials unless a Home Improvement Application is submitted.
  • You must cover all ground surfaces of all yards not covered with hardscape with inert or living materials.
  • Inert materials must be a minimum size of 3/8” and a maximum of 7/8”.
  • The color and material must be compatible with the material originally provided by the Developer.
  • For this Rule, you cannot consider topsoil as inert material.
  • You may not use artificially colored or painted rocks as ground cover.
  • You may not use ground cover or rocks to spell out names, nicknames, athletic teams, slogans, or any other communication.

You are not required to purchase the ground cover material from a preferred list.
Rock-on SCSH residents and enjoy the low-maintenance landscaping that colorful pebbles provide.