Design Review Home Improvement Application

As a general rule homeowners should assume that in addition to landscaping, any exterior addition, attachment, alteration or enhancement to be made to a residential structure or property, MUST first be approved in writing by the Design Review Committee (DRC). Further, any modification that will materially change the residence, garage or original drainage pattern shall not be started until plans and specifications have been approved in writing by the DRC.

By way of example, but not necessarily all inclusive, the following require prior DRC approval:

Initial landscaping (or significant changes to front yard landscaping), concrete work, alteration of established drainage or grading, structural additions or changes, fountains, flagpoles, outside mounted equipment (e.g., HVAC, evaporative (swamp) coolers, etc.) screen doors, patio covers, rain gutters and down spouts, trellises, walls and fences, exterior painting and exterior light fixtures.

Structures designed and/or constructed by the Developer are the exception.

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