Podcast Episode 289: John MacDonnell (with Mary Lou Phillips)

In this episode, Board President John MacDonnell is back to give us an update about what's happening in our community. President MacDonnell is joined by Mary Lou Phillips, president of the Tutta Bella Vino Club.


Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • 00:24 – Holes on the side of your walls
  • 01:21 – Still looking for new committee members
  • 02:49 – Mary Lou Phillips describes the Tutta Bella Vino club
  • 05:19 – Registration for Tutta Bella Vino's September event begin on Friday, July 30
  • 06:50 – Club Officers
  • 07:56 – Residents should visit the Lifestyle Desk to learn about clubs


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This is an audio-only episode. Music for this episode was created by Norm Bolduc.