President’s Message: Coronavirus Update (March 18)

Kim Fuller

Good day residents:

Information is certainly moving at lighting speed at the moment. Thanks to everyone for all your help as we paddle through uncharted waters. Good news is we are all in the same rowboat, with plenty of room, so we will make it through the rapids and there will be smooth sailing ahead. Just give it a little time, it will all work out.

We are implementing some changes so be sure to look at the new schedule we just put out. The HOA office will be closed to walk in traffic. You may call or e-mail for questions and information (click here for staff email addresses), but to come into the office you will need to make an appointment. Please just call if you need to come into the office for something like a transponder. We will make sure you get set up with a transponder if you need one.

Another temporary change for playing golf is the use of private golf carts on the course. Normally, private golf carts could only be used if a person bought a trail pass, which is good for one year. We are waiving the requirement temporarily that your cart must have a trail pass in order to use it on the golf course. We want to be sure everyone is in their own cart when playing so that we adhere to the 6’ separation rule. Please bring and use your own golf cart when playing golf so we don’t run out of carts. We don’t want two people in the same cart because they would be closer than 6’ apart. The exception to this rule will be spouses, significant others, domestic partners, etc. that live in the same house. If two of you live in the same house, you may ride in the same cart. We are also allowing people to walk the course during this time.

When playing tennis, pickleball, bocce or any other sport, please do not gather after you are finished playing. The hope in keeping courts open is so that you may play, but when you are done, we don’t want people gathering around. Please go home after you are done playing which helps to maintain the health department’s directive.

Clubhouses will be open so that the business center will still be available for use during certain hours. Be sure to look at the new posted schedule, but other than the business center the Clubhouses are closed. This does mean the Library is closed till further notice.

I have done another Podcast today to answer many of the questions I have been asked recently. Let me know any questions you might have, and I will continue to do such Podcasts if needed, because I am sure if one person has a question so do others.

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast

Once again thank you for your support. This is a time that none of us has ever experienced before, but given the great people here all wiling to help our neighbors, I can’t think of any place I would rather be, and for that I thank all of you.

Keep in touch and I wish you all a great and healthy day. Almost time for my sunset, a glass of wine, and a discussion with my lovely bride about how beautiful it is to see the mountains.

Thank you and see you all soon.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller